Siddharth Gupta vs. Avijit Misra - Round 1 (Match # 10)

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Siddharth Gupta vs. Avijit Misra - Round 1 (Match # 10)

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:50 am

Who Was He? (Avijit Misra)

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to those who are living or dead is purely co-incidental.

This incident took place when I was 14-years old. In front of our house in Colaba, Mumbai, there was a very old Church. Close to that Church, there was a big house that had Gothic architecture.

Nobody lived in the house. People used to say that it was haunted. That house was meant to be a part of perks that the priest of Church was supposed to get. However, current priest Father Bryan had refused to live in that house.

He lived in a house that had a decent distance from Church.

I always wanted to find out who lived in that house. However, my mother never allowed me to go there. Everybody in our area believed that the house was haunted by the ghost of a priest that headed the Church before Father Bryan. His name was Father Dominic.
Often I saw children from the servant quarters of that area playing in the compound of the house. They were often shooed away by Braganza, the caretaker of that house and an employee of Church. Every day, he used to go to the house and clean the house. People asked him when Father Dominic died. He said that Father Dominic died 15 years ago. He never talked about seeing any ghost in the house. However, people still had a fear. Braganza had deep regard for Father Dominic and he respected him as if he was still alive. Nobody ever dared to mention ghost in front of Braganza.

One day, a surprise came to me. The wedding reception of a Christian couple was going to take place in that so called haunted house. Many people from our building including my family were invited because the decoration planner who was decorating the house for this reception was a friend of many people in this building as well as Father Bryan.

Usually, I attended such ceremonies only for eating purpose. However, this time I was planning to attend only to investigate that house and see if it was really haunted.

On the evening on which reception was taking place, my whole family was there and music was going on. There were a lot of people. Everybody was enjoying. I was roaming around, checking out the rooms. Most rooms were locked. Everything was OK. People were drinking and enjoying snacks. Then Bollywood music started playing. Bride and groom were the first to hit the dance floor. Other people soon followed.

Suddenly, there was a power cut. Everything went dark. Nobody had noticed the blowing winds earlier. But now, with the pin drop silence, we could all hear the sound of blowing winds as if somebody was banging the door. It was scary. As the house was old, probably the wiring was also ancient, so it could not take the load and led to blackout but the people were wondering what happened. Being an avid reader of comic books, I suspected something dangerous was going to happen.

Somehow, a generator was started and some wires were arranged to bring back power supply temporarily. People were wondering what went wrong. Just then, a man pointed at one direction and said, “Hey! Who took that chair in that isolated corner? Who was sitting there?”

Braganza replied, “That was Father Dominic? Didn‘t you know?”

Hearing this, Maria, the newly married girl, was shocked. She said, “I saw an old man sitting on that chair! He congratulated me! He also shook hands with Francis! You mean he was Father Dominic, the man who died years ago!”

(DISCLAIMER: Francis is the boy married to Maria. This party is in the honor of Francis and Maria.)

Everybody was shocked. I had not seen any old man in the party, except the parents of Maria and Francis. I did not even notice the corner where chair was kept. That is why I was not aware whether any old man was sitting there.

Women were freaked out and wanted to go home along with their children. I wanted to stay and investigate but my mother forced me to come with her. There was chaos in the party. Everybody had lost their mind. The parents of Francis and Maria were asking Braganza whether he actually saw Father Dominic. Braganza insisted that he did and this was not the first time he had seen him after his death.

I came to know that no activity had taken place here since Father Dominic‘s death. I thought it was only obvious he was sleeping peacefully all this time and so much activity in his house woke him up. He being a very compassionate person did not mean to cause any trouble, so he just congratulated the couple and left when he realized his presence would scare people.  

Parents of Francis decided to call Father Bryan and ask him to perform a holy ritual that would ward off the ghost. Father Bryan was also looking scared when he came. Once in the house, Father Bryan was actually trembling. That is when I realized that why Father Bryan refused to live in that house. He was afraid of the ghost of Father Dominic. I guess the other people also noticed this as I could see people almost sweating with nervousness. Father Bryan did a prayer and ordered everyone to leave the house immediately. We could not even eat, but it did not really matter because everyone had lost their appetites and just wanted to go home.

Today, I am an adult. Now I understand the politics around the Church. Father Bryan and Father Dominic had some sort of rivalry due to some unknown reason. Braganza was always loyal to Father Dominic.

Now I find it hard to believe in the ghost of Dominic and the probable reason Braganza claimed to have seen the ghost is because he wanted to create panic for Father Bryan and his friends, who were the parents of married couple.

However, at the same time, I also feel that if the Ghost of Father Dominic did not come, then who took the chair away from the sitting arrangement to an isolated corner which, according to Braganza, was a favorite corner of Father Dominic.

Also, Maria claimed to have seen an old man who also shook hands with Francis. If an old man did come, who was he? Braganza had also seen an old man greeting the couple. That old man could not be someone who will just gate-crash the party to enjoy the dinner. Had that been so, he would not have taken the risk of coming and greeting the newly married couple. Also the house was locked and Braganza was surrounded by people so he could not have helped the old man leave the house unnoticed.

I try not to think much about this now. Perhaps this mystery will never be solved. I replay the situation in my head imagining ways in which Braganza would have helped him escape unseen but they all seem pretty farfetched now.

Nothing spooky was heard there after this and slowly it faded from public memory. However sometimes when I remember it I really cannot help wondering WHO WAS HE???

Rating - 50/100

The Sandwich Letter (Siddharth Gupta)

Today again she has not gone to school, it’s the third time this month...oh wait did i said
she has not gone? It’s been like a daily soap me saying to her "Beta school ki teyari raat ko sone se pahle karliya karo", but who listens to me its waste saying anything in this house, "Manu sandwich la rahi ho ya mai jaun...", huff i am again late to the office
today again it happened it’s been everyday just luck comes to help us...manu can find anything in seconds it’s the lady magic..

for whole week it has been the science book,the socks the drawing box and huff today is the tie of my daughter rashi,but today the miracle fails even manu  could’nt find her tie in the morning...

"Raashi madam..." the autowala has came,see all those children are ready and going to school and i have to again say this like every third day...

"Bhiya woh nahi arahi...aaj tabiyat theek nahi".. some excuse is needed i can’t just say in front of all [..arey uski tie nahi milrahi]...

it was today's morning when there was a mess going on again and i have to do some important work before going to office,

the mess was going on manu saying "arey yahi to rakhi thi"..."arey yaha to moje hai".....I got up in anger and slapped rashi so tight to get those red colors

"ispar kuch asar padta hai?? ",i have scolded her all the month..."dekho baki ghar ke bacche kese teyar rahte hai" but it has no effect on this girl
she kept on weeping for some time and then again searching for the tie..."dekhlo manu miljaye to mai activa se chod aaun ab late to ho hi gaya hai" but it’s not anywhere
i can’t go and buy a new tie as the school name is printed on it ,and the shop opens at 10. Yes the school has a strict rule without uniform no entry no matter what..

it was 9:30 i was to leave at 9 for office...."Manu sandwich tiffin me hi rakhdo "..otherwise i eat some and take rest in tiffin for lunch....manu was busy in other works too as filling the water because in india. if u miss the water at 8-10 u miss it for whole day...rashi was disturbing manu trying to make her own design on sandwich stuffing...that was increasing my or two times manu snatched the bread and stuff from her and put on gas..but she began to disturb the sandwich on gas too..

"abhi isme ek aur raseed dunga hata ise"...manu sent her out and thrown the burnt sandwich aside which rashi has turned again on the same side after manu turned it..

finaly i was at office ,"sone pe suhaga...." the attendance register has gone and now i will be charged as half day... [isse to adhe din ki chutti lekar hi ata]..

i have completed only one or two documents on my laptop and it was lunch time and the collegues came on as rush... "ritesh chal bhai bahut hogaya...ab akar karliyo" the canteen area there was shout on going u can imagine in goverment offices...those tunes of abusive language and old hindi songs going on....i was sad ..the whole day has been like hell for me..
to my surprise the first sandwich was burnt...[aah ab ye bhi.... Sad]...i removed the burnt piece of bread from top and my eyes twinkled with a tiny SORRY written on the sandwich with stuffing and sauce..rashi has kept the burnt sandwich some how on the place which manu has  thrown away...that changed my eyes filled with was a sorry letter..the sandwich letter with a lovely sauce..... SmileSmile

Rating - 50/100

Result - Match Tied! This is the first tie in the history of FTC & since this is an exhibition match I am not asking the judge to re-evaluate the 2 entries.

Judge - Mrs. Rashi Saxena (Publisher-Author)


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Re: Siddharth Gupta vs. Avijit Misra - Round 1 (Match # 10)

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ahh nice story ... amazingly written by both writers ... all the very best


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Re: Siddharth Gupta vs. Avijit Misra - Round 1 (Match # 10)

Post by amyrawat on Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:39 pm

Well written  Very Happy 


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Re: Siddharth Gupta vs. Avijit Misra - Round 1 (Match # 10)

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